I DRAW MOTOS Sketchbook


I DRAW MOTOS is a tutorial sketchbook authored by motorcycle designer & builder David Mucci. This book is for anyone interested in drawing and design motorcycles; whether you’re planning out a custom build, dreaming up some rad future machine, or want to accurately draw your pride and joy sitting in the garage.

The book is front loaded with a ton of foundational information like handling dynamics, engine configurations, and chassis setup. From there it gets into step-by-step tutorials, perspective lessons, wheel drawing techniques and presentation fundamentals, paired with 100+ templates to sketch over.

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We believe that anyone can become a great artist, designer, and creative. That’s what makes us get up every morning to develop tools that jumpstart creativity and encourage practice through our proven training wheels format. By teaching the basics of a given subject and bolstering the instruction with templates to guide practice, our books are some of the most powerful tools available to improve drawing skills.

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