This issue is dedicated to the outsiders. The ones who refuse to follow the crowd or jump on the bandwagon. The ones who don’t fit into a box. Who do things not because they are cool, but for the intrinsic value of the experience. The ones who push the envelope and choose to see the world from a different perspective. Who live their passions with reckless abandon and find the beauty of life bleeding out in the raw moments behind the scenes. The ones who don’t give a fuck about popularity and would rather pursue greatness. The outsiders. Living in the shadows and doing what they were born to do.

Here’s to a life well ridden.

There are a million ways you could choose to spend your numbered days here on Earth, but believe us when we tell you that motorcycles can make your life an extraordinary one.  Our publication is dedicated to all the hopelessly addicted dreamers serving the same life sentence we are.  To the bold individuals fearlessly chasing that thrill of feeling alive.

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